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Picked up directly from the "Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows", aulasy means: "the sadness that there's no way to convey a powerful memory to people who weren't there at the time". Recorded at a home studio, mixed by Chris Noth and mastered by Magnus Lingberg this album explores this nuanced emotion


Aeonia was recorded during the peak of the pandemic at Studio de la Fonderie (Fribourg, Switzerland). It was live-recorded and mixed by Chris Noth (Fireantmusic) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna). The name of the album makes a hint at the idea of permanence, which already stands in the band’s name, and is a recurring concept throughout their compositions.




Transitional Spaces is a self-recorded demo, featuring 3 tracks that were composed during strange times for the band, as its structure was changing and things were pretty much uncertain for the near future

What Aleph Said



This homonymous EP was recorded in the same studio where rehearsal took place not long after the band's consolidation in 2017. It features their first compositions, in search of a sound of their own by mixing and experimenting different musical concepts

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