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What Aleph Said is a four-piece band playing instrumental music, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. They combine post-rock, progressive rock and stoner influences, What Aleph Said released their first eponymous EP in 2017 back when they played as a trio. A second EP came along in 2019, this time around with the current line-up, that is, including a second guitar. In 2021, they released AEONIA, their first LP. 

‘Aleph’ - eternity - is a central notion to the band’s imaginary. It compels us to reminisce about what happened in the world in a very distant past - such words of eternity yet to be chronically obliterated and dug out again. What Aleph Said aims to share bits of Aleph’s whispers through contemplative atmospheres. Its inspiration follows introspective, cathartic emotion-discharging endeavors. It sometimes also leads to more tormented and dark vibes. Above all, What Aleph Said offers generous, honest, and raw alternative music.

What Aleph Said is influenced by bands like: If These Trees Could Talk, Pelican, Russian Circles, Cult of Luna and Toundra. The resulting songs are made by true enthusiasts who enjoy the composition process as much as putting up live shows.

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